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Our Mission

Serve our customers with honesty and integrity. Be your corporate travel company of choice.

Houston Corporate Travel Services is an organization dedicated to serve our customers.

Our History

In 1996 Corporate Travel Services started operations in Mexico, and at present it owns offices in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Toluca, Morelia, Mexico City and Houston in the United States.

Today, more than 500 people are part of the CTS Team, with great commitment, integrity and motivation, as well as a high sense of professionalism and customer service.

We have a record of second place in sales in Mexico according to B.S.P. (Bank Settlement Plan) I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association).

Our Committment to you

Our commitement to our customers is to generate constant benefits and savings, through new negotiations, new products and/or new technology.

How do I know I can count on Corporate Houston Travel Services? 20 years in the travel industry and membership in the most recognized professional organizations in the business* mean Corporate Houston Travel Services is not just there for you today. We were there 20 years ago and will be giving you dependable and trustworthy service for years to come.

How can we do that? Our expert agents have personal knowledge and experience with our destinations so we can build a complete travel package that is tailored to your individual needs. With this knowledge we can make arrangements for comfortable hotel accommodations and reliable ground services for your stay. Whether you're travelling for business, holiday celebrations, family vacations, or any other reason, Corporate Houston Travel Services can help you make the most of the time and money you spend while travelling.

We take care of everything, starting with the affordable airfare. Unlike many travel agencies, the Corporate Houston Travel Services team can negotiate directly with major or low cost domestic and foreign carriers. This means the very best fares are available to you on flight to destinations in Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe.

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