Traveler Profile

With your individual information we will create a customized profile in our system that will store all of your preferred airlines, hotels, rental cars, frequent flyer numbers, etc. Your information such as PNR data and passenger references are effectively stored and maintained in our GDS (Global Distribution System) provided by Amadeus and can be instantly accessible within our reservation functionality.

Customer profiles are divided into the following categories:

  • Organization profiles
  • Company profiles
  • Agency profiles
  • Traveller profiles
  • Staff profiles
  • Frequent flyer profiles

Our Profiles enable our corporate agents to store information on individual or on corporate customer in order to facilitate the booking. The data stored in the profile can be used to populate the PNR or to biase availability display according to customer preferences.

So what are you waiting for?!

Get in touch with one of our travel specialists and let us build your traveler profile and help you save money on your travel expenses today!

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  • Central repository for Customer data: one unique source of information shared by all applications. This limits amount of maintenance activity and makes sure data is consistent.
  • Secured data: large set of security options allows you to share right level of information with right target audience
  • Online up-to-date information: any new profile information is instantly available for all authorized users or applications.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly application (close to PNR inputs)
  • Enhance customer service: as it is fully integrated with PNR functionality, it enables to transfer data from and to PNR. This exchange of data:
  • Improves productivity,
  • Increases efficiency,
  • Improves customer service,
  • Minimizes mistakes,
  • Improves PNR accuracy.