Is a highly flexible corporate travel booking tool that breaks through the boundaries found in other tools, providing travelers the freedom of choice and corporations the power of cost control. Modeled after Travelocity's award-wining consumer site.

  • Concise, easy-to-read formats.
  • Visually-appealing color schemes
  • Streamlined booking functionality
  • Custom branding and messaging
  • The GetThere™Key Features
  • Easy access to air, car, hotel and reservations 24/7

GetThere™Key Benefits

  • Company Cost Savings –Fewer fees, access to lower fares, and increased use of preferred suppliers and negotiated rates.
  • Travel Manager Control – Increased policy compliance, ensuring your travel spend is under control and your travel program is a success
  • Traveler Added Value –A familiar, easy, leisure-like online shopping experience combined with “all the extras” including dining, activities and events
  • Travel Arranger Flexibility – The ability to easily book, manage and track multiple traveler itineraries online and in real-time
  • Operational Efficiencies – Integration with other enterprise-wide systems streamlines procurement operations and drives efficience
  • Enhanced Supplier Relationships – Travel policy compliance means more bookings for preferred vendors, enhancing supplier relationships and increasing negotiating power

User Interface Key Benefits

Company Benefits

  • Employee compliance means more cost savings
  • Empowered travelers equal satisfied employees
  • Messaging options increase brand awareness

Travel Manager Benefits

  • Intuitive functionality means no training required
  • Increased adoption enhances travel program success
  • Ability to provide the most user-friendly technology

Traveler Benefits

  • Streamlined functionality enhances ease-of-use
  • Efficient navigation makes travel searches a snap
  • Familiar user experience with Travelocity-like display

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